Genuine Natural Stone Layer Necklaces :: Multiple Styles and Stones!

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These natural stone necklaces are perfect for wearing solo or adding to your necklace party!  

Choose from 3 distinct styles:

Horn: Petite curved horn wrapped in a gold bail suspended from a flat diamond satellite chain. Chain measures 15” and is adjustable up to 17”. Turquoise, Howlite, and Black Howlite.

Bar:  A striking 2” natural stone bar nestled in a gold setting hangs dramatically from a gold satellite chain. Chain measures 14” and is adjustable up to 17”. Turquoise, Grey Agate, and Black Howlite.

Organic: Each natural stone is lovingly cut into a trapezoid shape and nestled in a gold setting.  This necklace features a flattened disc satellite chain. Chain measures 18” and is adjustable up to 20”. Amazonite, Howlite, Blush Quartz, Labradorite (a gently mottled grey-green), Black Howlite, and Turquoise.