PLEASE READ - Announcement Regarding Shipping Delays

First of all, welcome!  If you are a returning customer, you know that we strive to provide high-quality Baubles with FAST shipping!  :)  There is a problem, though ... while they have not shared this with the general public, the US Postal Service is HEAVILY backed up on First Class Packages.  COVID-19 is wreaking havoc on their shipping network (not enough truck drivers), so semi-trailers full of mail are sitting at distribution centers waiting to move.  Tracking is not updating properly, either; part of their resistance to publicizing this situation.  Rest assured that everything is still getting through, eventually, but it can literally take WEEKS.  We process your order in a day or two (okay, sometimes three!), but we cannot control what happens once the Postal Service takes over.  On the upside, this situation can make it seem like a surprise gift when your Baubles package finally arrives!  :)  If surprises are not your jam, however, then we ask that you wait until the situation improves before you order your Baubles ... we don't want to disappoint you, even if it is not our fault.  Thank you for your patience and understanding!  :) Stay safe!  xo